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I want my country back

by Prue Bray on 24 June, 2016

This is the saddest day of my political life.    My country has turned its back on everything I believe in and opted for insular, narrow-minded isolation.

Goodness knows, Lib Dems are accustomed to losing elections.  But when you lose an election, there is always the chance that you can win next time, because there always is a next time.  But there is no next time with the referendum.  We are headed out of the EU and there is no way to stop it.  I am devestated.

It’s not just the damage that will be done to the economy in the short term or the longer term, it’s the damage that will be done to the United Kingdom.   It may cease to exist as a result of this vote.  And it’s the damage to the rest of the world as well, trade, relationships.  The City of London will no longer be pre-eminent.  Human rights and other protections are under threat.

And a 52/48 vote shows that we are a divided country.   I worry what will happen when people discover that leaving the EU does not solve any of the problems they were told it would solve, when they realise that there is less money in the system, that there still aren’t enough schools and hospitals and houses and that jobs are no easier to come by.   I can see that immigrants will be getting the blame and that we are now in a dark spiral of ugly nationalism.

This is what the majority voted for.  Democracy is a funny old thing.  People voted to leave and to remain for all sorts of different reasons.  I wish I could feel that they had been able to base their decisions on fact rather than misinformation but I don’t.  I don’t agree with the decision and I think it is the wrong thing for the country, but it has to be accepted.  All I can do now is stand up for the things I believe in and do my bit to try to save the country from sliding into an illiberal nationalistic intolerant Little England jingoism.

I am so sad for my children.  Oh Britain, what have you done?




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  1. Jennie Rigg says:


  2. Eileen says:

    Am in total agreement with you.We were better together even if it was not perfect. I fear for my grandchildren.

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