Local Green Space for Winnersh

by Prue Bray on 2 February, 2022

Apart from housing sites, the Local Plan Update also proposes some sites for designation as “Local Green Space”. If land is given that designation, it gets more protection from development. To get the designation, it needs to fit certain criteria, including that it has special significance for the community. Four areas in Winnersh and Sindlesham […]

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Housing for 69 King Street Lane

by Prue Bray on 30 January, 2022

This site already has buildings on it. So it would be difficult to argue against any form of development there. However, I do have big concerns about it being used as a Trojan Horse, to open up all the fields behind for housing. So this is what I said about it: I disagree slightly with […]

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Land to the rear of the Bulldog Garage

by Prue Bray on 27 January, 2022

Working my way through my thoughts on the different housing sites the council is proposing for Winnersh in the Local Plan Update, today we arrive at the land behind the Bulldog Garage. For those of you wondering, this land is basically the gap behind the BP petrol station and the body shop and showroom on […]

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More housing for Winnersh Farm

by Prue Bray on 26 January, 2022

The inclusion of this site at all makes me cross. The sleight of hand which suggests the increase in the number of houses is 37 rather than 137 makes me crosser. The fact that the council seems hellbent on facilitating development by Taylor Wimpey that we have fought off twice already is even worse. And […]

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The Winnersh Plant Hire Site

by Prue Bray on 25 January, 2022

Winnersh Plant Hire is on Reading Road, not far from the Showcase roundabout. In the previous draft of the housing sites for the new Local Plan, the council decided it was suitable for 20 houses. In the latest version, they have decided it can take 85. That’s quite a leap – and one which I […]

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Hall Farm / Loddon Valley SDL

by Prue Bray on 23 January, 2022

I have just sent in my response to the Wokingham Borough Local Plan Update Revised Growth Strategy Consultation. The Revised Growth Strategy now includes a Strategic Development Location of 4,500 residential units plus a business development area in the countryside next to Winnersh and Sindlesham, which I represent on the council. Here is what I […]

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The Grovelands planning application for temporary accommodation is 203439 on the council website. The units are positioned almost exactly on the footprint of the existing temporary accommodation units. The biggest issue for most people is the double height. This is a mobile home site, and so any units have to be able to be moved. […]

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Objection to plans for 87 houses off Mill Lane

by Prue Bray on 1 July, 2020

This is an outline application, 201346, that is looking for layout and access to be determined.   I have a very long list of objections to it. The application includes a great deal of detail about house types and designs, affordability and tenure, and housing mix, and even materials.  All of those things, as far as […]

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Welcome to the second in this series that tries to explain the finances of Wokingham Borough Council!  So this time I am going to have a stab at starting to tell you about what the council spends its money on.  This is only about the spending – trying to deal with where it gets the […]

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Council finances 1: who makes the decisions

by Prue Bray on 1 November, 2018

Wokingham Borough Council finances are a mystery to a lot of people – including, I have to say, some councillors.  The public don’t really understand how the council is funded, or what choices they have about how to spend the money and what it is compulsory for them to do.   They certainly don’t know what […]

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