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Budget Consultation

by Prue Bray on 9 October, 2015

Wokingham Borough Council is running a budget consultation with the public!   Hooray!  After years of Lib Dems asking them to do it, they finally are.   I don’t think they are doing it entirely because we asked or because it is right to involve the public in the decisions that affect them.   It’s more that they need to find £4 million in cuts and want to get a) some ideas b) some public understanding of the situation and c) some public support.   But at least they are doing it.

So how can you get involved?   First, read the background information here and then come along to one of the 4 remaining dates:

They run:  7 – 9 pm on

Monday 19th October St Crispin’s School

Thursday 22nd October Charvil Village Hall

Monday 26th  October Finchampstead Village Hall

Wednesday 28th October The Oakwood Centre, Woodley


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