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northern distributor road route announced…

by Prue Bray on 2 September, 2015

and it isn’t Route B.   Despite all the promises made on behalf of the council by Conservative councillors.

It is a version of Route C.  I expect it to be confirmed at the Wokingham Borough Executive meeting on 24h September.

A presentation was given to the North Wokingham Forum last week and it has now been made available on the borough council website here.  The document to look at is the Refinement Summary.

For Winnersh residents (who I represent as a councillor) there are some specific issues:

– the impact on Green Lane, Sadlers Lane and the Reading Road residents in between

– the required relocation of the allotments

For full transparency, I should disclose that I am a trustee of a charity (the Winnersh Fuel Allotment Trust – nothing to do with the allotments on Reading Road) whose land off Old Forest Road will be affected by the new road.



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  1. David Vass says:

    Hi Prue

    Ok we got to move off allotments in a few years time to make way for this new road. We understand the council will move us to another site we are yet to find out? Do you know how long we will have move?
    When it will be?
    Will the allotment holders have any help from the council to move sheds and small fruit trees other equipment in the way of compensation for moving?
    What’s happening about the protected orchard at the allotments which is registered with Natural England? (as below).

    Reading Road allotments orchard (Breks 1052).

    Chris Wedge
    Lead Adviser – South Mercia, Gloucestershire Land management team & orchard specialist

    Natural England, Spur 3 Block B Government Buildings, Whittington Road, Worcester WR5 2LQ
    tel: 07775 593965


    Nobody seems to know the answers at the WD council but yet they say this is the plan for the road. How well have things been considered and what real advantage will this new road have for Winnersh?

    • Prue Bray says:

      At the moment it is not entirely clear how long it will be before WBC want the allotments. NOr is it clear how the move will take place. The parish council will be discussing it with WBC and will relay information when it gets it. The reason there is no information at the moment is that WBC hasn’t got as far as working out the details yet. All we know at the moment is that there will be another site provided. Sorry that isn’t hugely helpful.

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