New Primary School in Winnersh

by Prue Bray on 17 January, 2013

The council has submitted its planning application for the new primary school at Winnersh Farm.  You can find the documents relating to it by searching for F/2013/0017 here:

The Planning Statement  F20130017ot Winnersh Farm Primary School.pdf  explains how the council decided it needed a new school at Winnersh Farm.  It also lays out the planning context, which is, in summary, that the government thinks the need to provide primary school places is so important that there would have to be very major planning concerns indeed for the planning application to be refused. 

The Planning Statement also explains the school will start with 30 Reception pupils and 7 staff in 2013/14, and add one class every year until there are 210 pupils and 23 staff in 2019/20.

 32 parking spaces are planned for the school site itself, of which two are disabled parking.   By the time the school is full, in 2019, some of the area of scrub land on the other side of the road will have been used to provide an additional 40 parking spaces. 

 The site plan showing the layout and proposed additional parking  – F20130017pl 002 Rev6.pdf

The floor plans for the building – F20130017pl 010 Rev1.pdf 

The external appearance of the building – F20130017pl 020 Rev4.pdf

 The other documents include the transport assessment and travel plan.  The issues around transport and travel are too big to do justice to in this post, so look out for another post next week.   If you would like to receive more detailed information about this issue, you can sign up to email updates from me and Cllr Rachelle Shepherd-DuBey – just leave a comment beneath this post and we will add you to our email list.

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  1. Janine Passmore says:

    An interesting proposal

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