Christmas waste collection

by Prue Bray on 4 January, 2013

Over Christmas there were changes to the waste collection days – I want to find out whether the message got across to residents.

In previous years, a leaflet was dropped off to residents to tell them what the arrangements would be for the bin collections over Christmas.  This year, the Borough Council relied on a piece in the Wokingham Borough News and the council website to tell people what was happening.
I don’t think the message got through to everybody – it didn’t get through to me, even though I am a councillor – and I would like your help in finding out how effective the council was at communicating.

Please let me know whether your collection day was different over Christmas and whether you knew what to expect.

You can find out what was on the Council website by clicking


2 Responses

  1. Tim Jinkerson (@timjinx) says:

    Our’s changed, and no-one seemed to know. I was caught out, but when the didn’t arrive to take it I looked up the details on line. Today – again – people have bags out. Not so many this time, it must be said.

    • pruebray says:

      I sent out an email to 300+ people on our email list and within 3 hours have had 40+ replies, about 2/3 of people having had no idea. A better way of informing people needs to be found.

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